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        Online Products Catalogue

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        Full Cream Milk Powder & Whole Milk Powder


        An instant fresh milk in its purest natural form prepared in a few seconds! One can never find the more origin milk than this.

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        ii   |  

        Condensed Sweetened Milk & Sweeten Creamer


        The temptation is merely irresistable when coffee/tea/desserts are added with this creamy paste of milk, it resonates your sweet tooth!

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        iii   |  

        Evaporated Milk & Evaporated Creamer


        Fusion evaporated milk into your cup of coffee/tea, let the magic plays and redefine your tasty tongue!

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        iv   |  

        Instant Milk Powder


        An instant flavour formulated milk which contains nutrients for growth, available in vanila/ chocolate in retail packing.

        vii   |  

        Colostrum Milk Powder


        With Our Premium Selection of New Zealand Colostrum Powder in purest form, our body is the most benefits from its supreme state of nutritious elements, particularly IgG antibody that almost certain to reinforce & step up your body natural immune protection. It is considered the super-food naturally gifted and extracted for adults and children to support immunity and promote digestive health, as well as the natural healing of damaging body tissue. Having say that, simply to give your family the best milk available on earth!

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        v   |  

        Skimmed Milk Powder & Non Fat Milk Powder


        Instant milk drink with zero butter fat and a boost in protein that perfect for body growth and full range of nutrients that close to full cream milk powder.


        viii   |  

        Butter Milk Powder


        A rich creamy milk powder that is highly soluble when formulated as key ingredient in confectionery, chocolate, ice-cream...etc food processing plants.

        vi   |  

        Whey Protein Concentrate


        The purest & premium quality dairy based protein that nichly sought by fitness and health conscious enthusiast whom apply for supplemental dietary to support an energetic and healthy lifestyle. Whereas major hospitals apply for in-house patients for fast body muscle recovery. Available also in mixed form of vanila or chocolate.

        ix   |  

        Sweet Whey Powder / Demin Whey Powder


        A side product sprayed drying from concentrated and pasteurized sweet cheese where food industries love for thickening its finishing foods.

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